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publishing iweb site to godaddy

27 June 2010 | No Comments » | admin

using iWeb to publish to another domain?

I was wondering if I bought say a per-domain GoDaddy or something, I'd be able to make a website in iWeb and be able to publish on this site? I use iLife 08 if it can help. Thank you for your time!

The short answer is that the characteristics iWeb some do not work anywhere but on Apple. Mac hosting. However, you can buy a domain at GoDaddy and have the item Name your website .. Mac UPDATE: I should also mention that you misspelled "per se" and diversion, well. Per se does not mean "for example." This is a Latin translation of a Greek word that literally means "By itself, or in clearer terms," natural "or" intrinsic ". I think what you meant was something more in the meaning of ".. if I had, for example, buy a domain name … "Who would pose a question based on an action you can take. …" If I (se) bought a domain name … "Suggests that by the nature of your being, it has caused you to buy a domain name, or the purchase of names domain is your purpose in life.

How to link a GoDaddy Domain with an Apple iWeb site