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publishing of uncle tom’s cabin

11 October 2010 | No Comments » | admin

publishing of uncle tom's cabin
Rarely appears in print Lupton Library Special Collections exhibit new collections is a "rare" sight to behold for UTC students. "In rare form: seven centuries of the printed Word" is now on display in Special Collections library located on the second floor of the Lupton Library. The exhibition presents the rarest pieces of Special Collections Archives, " including autographed books, first editions, early printed materials, and …
Uncle Tom’s Cabin (I)

Uncle Tom's Cabin (Formatted Specifically for Kindle)

Uncle Tom’s Cabin (Formatted Specifically for Kindle)


Harriet Beecher Stowe’s classic comes alive on the Kindle platform with all of the features you would expect from a print version right on your Kindle.This Kindle edition features a linked table of contents so that you can quickly and easily navigate through the content.The text, spacing and formatting are all done in such a way so as to be easily readable regardless of your personal Kindle settin…

Birds Without a Nest

Birds Without a Nest


Because she was the first to expose the appalling treatment of the natives of Peru, Clorinda Matto de Turner was excommunicated from the Catholic church, burned in effigy, and forced to emigrate to Argentina. She gained her notoriety with this book, which has been compared to Uncle Tom’s Cabin for its role in the social change of the country. It tells the story of a young upper class couple …

Uncle Tom's Cabin (Bring the Classics to Life: Level 1)

Uncle Tom’s Cabin (Bring the Classics to Life: Level 1)


HarperCollins UK Audio Classics presents abridged and unabridged readings of the world’s favorite literary masterpieces. Among the distinguished readers are Christopher Lee, Derek Jacobi, Simon Cal…

Uncle Tom's Cabin

Uncle Tom’s Cabin


Uncle Tom’s Cabin

The Annotated Uncle Tom's Cabin

The Annotated Uncle Tom’s Cabin


The Annotated Uncle Tom’s Cabin